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The Limited’s Olivia Pope inspired Collection

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Olivia Pope -Limited

A “SCANDAL” has hit the fashion world!! The Limited has partnered with actress Kerry Washington to design what she’s calling ” a way you can feel like a woman and still feel like you’re in control”  The collection has over 78 pieces inspired by the famed Olivia Hope from everybody’s favorite show Scandal. It’s a new take on power dressing, and I’m loving it. The pieces range from $49 – $250, so they’re quit affordable and well worth it. I can’t wait to add a few pieces to my wardrobe so let the “POWER” dressing begin.  Available in stores and online September 23, 2014  #ItsReds


pope 2



5 Fall Trends for 2014 #ItsReds

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5 Fall Trends for 2014   #ItsReds

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      5 Fall Trends for 2014


1.  Lace on Lace ~ Keep your eyes open for lace, you’ll be seeing it everywhere. Lace clothing lace jewelry and even lace handbags and shoes. Try stacking your lace this fall, by wearing a lace handbag with a lace bracelet or a lace shirt with a lace shoe.


2.  Velvet ~ Velvet is coming back strong this Fall, but not the kind from the 60’s No! This is your Mother’s velvet. It’s the new chic 2014 version.


3.  Glitter ~ Designers are adding iridescent fabrics with mixtures of glitter to our wardrobes this season. Look for glitter on your shoes, handbags and even your jewelry. Be bold and wear your glitter in bright colors.


 4.  Statement Necklines  ~  This season statement necklines are a girl’s best friend. They make getting dressed a little easier by        accessorizing for us. You’ll find dresses, shirts, blazers and even sweatshirts with rhinestones, metal, and even crystals. Grab a few        pieces with statement studded necklines and save yourself some time getting dressed in the morning.


5.  Emerald Green ~ Is this seasons must-have color. You’ll find it in leather’s, suede’s, velvets and so much more. Look for unique ways to add this seasons color into your wardrobe life. The great thing about this color is it’s always a great pick for the fall and winter season, so all your pieces will be relevant next year.


Style Tip From: Sharice Styles~ Find ways to mix your trends this season to save on budget. Search for an emerald green lace skirt or velvet statement neckline shirt. By doing this you’ll get two trends in one!! #ItsReds



NOTE: The pictures in this post came from Red’s Boutique, Accessory Mag (Emerald Green, Lace) , The Style Note (Velvet), The Loft (Statement Necklines)


 Lace on Lace!trend finder

Velvet!Velvet Trend

Glitter!                             image (2)

 Statement Necklines!                     image

Emerald Green!                                        Emerald green trend

Shop Your Closet

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Shop Your Closet



Are you constantly saying you have to get rid of all the clothes you have that you never wear? Are you always feeling like you have nothing to wear with a closet full of stuff? Let me help you make looks out of the current pieces you already own. Build looks off of money you’ve already spent. Shop your closet and see things from a whole new perspective.

Contact us today

Email:     Phone  (804) 212-4995 


Back to School Looks from the Gap for 40% OFF !!!

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b2School G




The GAP is having an awesome 40% OFF sale for back to school, on uniforms and select items. I put together several pieces that can act as staple pieces for a young girl’s wardrobe this Fall. Let’s play a fun game!!! I count over 9 looks. How many do you see?

Look Good Feel Great #ItsReds

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image (1)imageMens style

Men be bold, be creative and have fun with your fashion. It’s the only way to #LookGoodFeelGreat 


1 LookLook 3

Look 2


Ladies challenge yourself to be comfortable and glamorous at the same time. It’s the best way to #LookGoodFeelGreat 



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trend finder


It’s Thursday so I’m sharing a Trend Finder!!! This week is Lace on Lace. Lace clothing and Lace jewelry is BIG this Fall. Yes Lace jewelry!! So be on the look out and find fun ways to add it to your wardrobe.

Look Good Feel Great #ItsRedsApproved

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Let Sharice Styles and Red’s Boutique help you #LookGoodFeelGreat 


Luxury Sunglasses at A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Prices

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Here are a few luxury top designer sunglasses at amazing prices. Enjoy the discounts I’ve been able to negotiate with my partner Amazon. 


How Laura turned her dream into a Mobile Boutique

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3 1


Last Summer a friend and I were looking into investing in a boutique here in the New York City area. In our search for locations we rediscovered what we already knew… the rent prices were way out of our budget. A small location here in New York can go for $10,000.00  to $15,000.00 a month. So my friend came up with the brilliant idea of a mobile boutique, “we can set up during lunch hours and after work in different locations” she said. The more we wrapped our minds around it the better the idea got. Unfortunately in the middle of our plans she had to relocate to another state so the idea kind of stopped in it’s tracks. Although it was discouraging I continued to push forward with my online boutique and Style Consulting business.  Thankfully God had another plan for me, this May I opened a women’s boutique in Harare Zimbabwe. where I’m able to bring women beautiful fashion from designers here in the U.S.

About a month ago I was searching the web for a client and I ran across Tin Lizzy a mobile boutique. I got so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself. For those of you who are dreamers like me, you know how it feels to have a great idea, put that idea on a shelf until you figure out what to do with it and then see that great idea working in someone else’s life. I knew people would love it and they do!! I knew people would need it, and they do!! And I knew it would be a success, and it is!! I was so inspired by this young lady and her business that I had to reach out to her and get to know her story. Although God had given my friend and I the idea it was Laura’s clear vision that brought that idea to life.


After getting to know Laura I asked if I could share her inspirational story, hoping that it would encourage someone with a dream like her and I who might be stuck in a place of not knowing “HOW” to bring that dream to life. Laura was smart and brave enough to not let funding be her issue. She dreamed up a NEW way to bring her vision to life. Instead of just having a boutique, she has a boutique that can go wherever the people are. Be inspired by Laura’s story today, allow yourself to take a look at your situation and figure out how you CAN make it happen with what you have.

Congratulation Laura, your business Tin Lizzy is a brilliant idea and I wish you a world of success  #ItsRedsApproved


~ Where did the idea for Tin Lizzy come from?

I graduated college with a degree in fashion merchandising but had a hard time figuring out where I saw myself fitting into the industry. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of living in a city and after learning about the corruption in the fashion industry in a sustainability class I took, it was difficult to wrap my head around working to support conventional trade methods. After working for various fair trade organizations, I knew I wanted to use those experiences and open a boutique that would specialize in fair trade and sustainably sourced goods. I wanted my boutique to not just appeal to someone seeking out sustainable fashion but to any shopper looking for unique pieces they won’t find at the mall. After writing my business plan for a brick-and-mortar boutique, it was clear to me that as a 25 year old with meager savings, my plan was pretty much just a dream.

A friend of mine saw a school bus converted into a fashion truck while vacationing in Cape Cod and I thought that was such a clever idea so I met with Stacey Steffe who opened Le Fashion Truck in Los Angeles, the first fashion truck in the United States. She helped me rewrite my business plan for a truck and absolutely sold me on the concept of mobile retailing. I bought my truck which was used by a board of education in it’s former life and my boyfriend (who happens to be a very talented and clever carpenter) built out the inside for me. It has metal framing, hardwood floors, LED lighting, and looks very much like a traditional boutique- it’s just on wheels.

I originally thought of my truck as a way to establish my business and earn enough to open a brick-and-mortar location but after my first weekend on the road, I realized I loved the idea of being able to travel to my customer and all of the creative ways to sell that mobile retailing allows for. I set up shop at events and music festivals, on the side of the street, for private parties in customer’s driveways, at schools for fundraisers, and at various street-fairs and markets. I plan to keep my boutique mobile for as long as possible now.


~ How long has Tin Lizzy been on the road?

Tin Lizzy has only been on the road since April of 2014. I am fairly new to the industry and still learning where my customer is. It’s so much fun to take the truck to different cities and towns and see the responses I get in different places. Shoppers love the unique experience and for someone who is seeking to support small businesses, you really don’t get much smaller than Tin Lizzy which is truly a one-woman show!



~ What can you say to someone who has the desire to own a boutique but can’t afford to?

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the brick-and-mortar box and get creative with your business. I obviously love the concept of mobile retailing but there are retailers doing such creative things now with pop-up shops and e-commerce. I also think that customers are seeking creative shopping experiences now and appreciate unique experiences.

Also, don’t be afraid of small spaces! I used to say that I wanted a 100 square foot space but that size shop doesn’t really exist in the town where I live. I have about 65 square feet of selling space in my truck and it’s amazing how much inventory I can fit in it.

When I was first starting out I read an article about how entrepreneurs get so bogged down by making sure everything is perfect before they begin operating that they lose out on opportunities. I found that was true for my situation and the advice was really motivating for me. The most important thing is to just start somewhere! I am constantly looking for ways to grow and improve my business and have learned so much since taking that first step.


~ Where can we find you to shop?

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area, I am based out of Annapolis and take Tin Lizzy to a lot of events in the Baltimore, DC area. You can find my event schedule posted on my website at


To keep up with my daily whereabouts, following me on Facebook (

) is best.

I am always looking for fun events and areas to take Tin Lizzy and frequently travel out of Maryland so if you’re interested in shopping the truck, let me know at


I also have an online shop that you can check out (and purchase from) at


Laura Layton

Tin Lizzy Mobile Boutique







August 6 – August 12 “Deal of the Week”

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photo (5)

You guys know I LOVE a good DEAL!!!! So this week’s “Deal of the Week”  from Red’s Boutique is  Jessica Simpson’s Maddalo  Wedge Sandal WAS $89.99 NOW  $37.82  YES $37.82 they come in Black as well as the brown that is shown, from sizes 5.5 – 10

Log on now and get your’s : Jessica Simpson Maddalo Wedge Sandal


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