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5 Spring looks all under $60 Bucks!

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1. ~Old Navy~     Women’s Point-Knit Shift Dress

 (Green) $15.00

This piece is light and flirty and very inexpensive. You can pair it with a belt or a blazer for an office look. Or with a jean jacket and pair of sneakers for a more casual feel. #ItsRedsApproved


Pic 2.


2. ~J. Crew~   Perfect-fit long-sleeve V neck Tee

(White) $19.50    3″ Chino Short   (Ocean Blue)$29.99

This classic casual  look is good for any day of the week. It can be dressed up or dressed down…..add a cute scarf or a statement chain, with a pair of flats and shades and you’re on your way out with the girls. #ItsRedsApproved


Pic 3.

3. ~Loft~   Eyelet Bodice Skirt Dress

  (Black & Blue Flag)  $98.00

( Use code: 4PEEPS and get 40% off bringing it to $58.80)

Love this dress. It can be worn both day and night. Perfect for a summer work dress or out to dinner with friends. We all love an effortless piece and this is just that. #ItsRedsApproved



Pic 4.

Click photo to enlarge 

4. ~Gap~    Slim cropped stripe pants

  (Blue & Navy Blue) $32.99  &  New Tailored Chambray Shirt  (Light Chambray) $34.99

( Although both pieces are over $30.00 if you use discount code: TREAT you’ll get 25% off which will bring your total to $50.98 almost $10.00 under our $60.00 budget )

This tailored boyfriend style shirt paired with strip pants is super chic and super cute. We all need looks that are quick, easy and worry free.  I especially love the multiple options you can get out of these pieces seperately. Add a blazer to the pant for a more dressy look and cargo pants or jeans to the shirt for a easy weekend look!!  #ItsRedsApporved


Pic 5.

5. ~New York & Co.~  Sleeveless Ruffle-Front Jumpsuit


This is a MUSY-HAVE for this season. I can’t express enough how much I love jumpsuits. They look perfect on most body shapes and they are low mantenance with all the fiercness that they can give. This one has ruffles down the front and looks great with a belt. Wear it with heels, sneakers or flats. With this piece the world is yours. #ItsRedsApproved





How to be a Savvy 2014 Bride!

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                   Wedding Blog 1


My wedding is two weeks away on May 3rd in Harare, Zimbabwe and I couldn’t be more excited.  It’s still pretty amazing to me that I’m going to be an African bride. I can honestly say that I never saw this coming with me being born and raised in New York.  However the awesome guy that I’m marrying is from Harare, so we’ll be going there to share our day with his family and friends.

The wedding will be held outside by the lake at the Harare Safari Lodge with a tented reception.  I’m going for an old Hollywood glamour look with lots of fabric draping and flowers. Our wedding colors are apple red and charcoal grey.  Four of my amazing bridesmaids will be wearing charcoal dresses with black pumps, a black belt and a red bouquet and one will be in red from head to toe. All of the girls’ dresses are designed by the fabulous Vera Wang including mine. The guys will be in black tuxedos with white shirts, charcoal waistcoats, charcoal ties with RED corsages… I get excited just thinking about the visual.

Although I did get a designer wedding gown (because I don’t believe in skimping on this once in a lifetime piece) all of my accessories were bought on SALE.  So I’ll share with you how I was a savvy 2014 Bride.

-For my shoes I went for a safari feel instead of the traditional special occasion shoe. They’re by Calvin Klein and they originally sold for $110.00 but I got them for $60.00 at Nordstrom.

-My earrings are J. CREW. (The only place besides Red’s Boutique that I purchase my fashion jewelry from)  They originally sold for $98.00; however, I got them on clearance for only $19.95. Even I’m shocked to have found them at that price and I’m a sales rack queen. The sales person was just putting them out when I got there and only one pair were in my color (talk about meant to be)

-I’m still undecided about a veil but I have an ivory and silver crystal halo tiara, which is really just a fancy way of saying studded headband LOL. The first one I saw that I liked was in David’s Bridal for $238.00 but I fell in love with one I found on Etsy for only $78.00 #Winning

I have one more accessory to purchase and that’s a bracelet. I’ll be on the search this week, hoping to find the perfect studded bracelet from one of my Red’s boutique suppliers, at a great price of course. Wish me luck. #ItsReds

Red’s Boutique “Deal of the Week”

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Deal of the week

         Purchase Here!

And the Winner is……….

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Handbag winner!

Giveaway Time!!

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Dmv Contest

All you have to do to enter is :

1. Sign up for our email

2. Follow DMV Network on Facebook


2014 Spring Style Trends!

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 2014 Spring Trends


Yay! Spring is here and it’s by far my favorite time of year. I’m so excited to share the Spring style trends for 2014.  So let’s get started.

 1. Prints Trends :

Floral- Floral is everywhere this season. You’ll see them in pretty pastels and stronger hughes of red and colbt blue. So adding this print to your wardrobe for this season makes you a smart fashionista.  Try having fun with florals by adding them to a look with a pair of pumps like the Dolce & Gabbana’s you see pictured above.

Aztec- The Aztec designs are the perfect blend of patterns and color. The angular shapes are eye catching and such a distinct pattern. Really a fun trend for the season.

2.  Fashion Trends

Crop Top: Showing your mid drift is back in style…for the bold.  I must say as much as I love the look I don’t think it’s for me. As a mom I feel a little weird showing my stomach when I’m not on the beach (conservative much LOL) However if you havethe confidence to pull it off go for it. That includes plus size women…I’ve seen it be tastefully done.

Culottes: I can’t express enough how excited I am that culottes are back. When I was a little girl culottes were one of my favorite looks. I had them in corduroy for the winter and a fabulous yellow checkered print for spring. Now they’ve taken them up a notch and made them super chic, in prints that say “I’m way too grown”


3. Handbags

Backpacks: I’ll be honest guys, I’ve never been a fan of the backpack purse for women. Although I did have a bright red one from Coach when I was in high school. I’ve always felt it had a more masculine feel, but it’s perfect for a mom on the run with the kids. They’re quick and easy. This season all the top designers are giving us their own twist on the backpack. So be ready to see them everywhere you go.

Handbags with chained handles: This season is also big for the chained handle purse. I like the way this trend adds a cute flirty feminine touch to any look. Add one to your wardrobe and be bold enough to throw it on with a pair of jeans and a tee. It’s the perfect way to dress down a dressy piece.


4. Color Trend:

Radiant Orchid! Bright radiant orchid is this season’s color of choice, and I must say its exciting. Orchid is one of those colors that look great on any skin tone. It’s the perfect marriage for women with dark skin tones and it adds a pop of color to lighter brighter skin tones.


5. Jewelry:

Pearls mixed with metals and materials: Be ready to add a little edge to your pearls this season. Just about every runway show had a mixed pearl accessory added to a look. To save a few dollars try mixing your pearl necklace with a piece of material wrapped around it. Or put your pearls on with your favorite gold or silver link chains. Instead of buying the trend, make the trend!


Now you have all the tools you need to be on your way to a successful trendy spring wardrobe. Send us some pictures of you rocking some of this seasons trends and we’ll share them on our FB page. We can’t wait to see. #ItsReds

Eva Mendes’ Riviera Dress fits all sizes

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Finally an A list actress has taken time to make women of all sizes feel special.  Love these dresses, so I had to share. “The Avery” shown on the right and “The Riviera” shown on the left both come in plus sizes. As you can see by the picture on the bottom every women in every size looks amazing. As a Style Consultant I can’t tell you how great it is at have a chic spring dress that I can recommend to any woman. Great job Eva! You and New York & Co have done it again ;-) Ladies, Happy shopping…


Sorry I couldn’t find a better picture but you guys can see it and get the drift.


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Flash Sale

It’s a Spring Flash Sale! This SATURDAY and SUNDAY get 20% Off  all purchases of $50.00 or more only on 

Happy Shopping !

~Sharice Styles and team 

Do you have clear beautiful skin?

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photo (2)

My skin and I have not been friends lately. I’ve always had acne on occasion but ever since I moved back to New York this past Summer it’s been one breakout after another. It’s as if the city upped it’s pollution or something. I’m getting married this May in Zimbabwe and the last thing I want to do is have acne breakouts on my wedding day. So I’m in desperate search of a skin resolution.

I saw a dermatologist on Dr. Oz say that the most important time to wash your face is at night after you’ve been out and about all day. Which totally makes sense for those of us who live in big cities. So I’m trying to force myself to wash my face every night. I attended an event recently where I received a sample of Biore’ Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. I tried it Friday night and OMG! I loved it. I could actually feel the pores being cleaned out, and a few days later, my skin is changing and clearing up.

I don’t know if Biore is “IT” for me but I’m desperate so I’ll keep going until I find the right fix!! What’s your skin care system? What do you use? Do you think you can help me find a solution for my skin? If so, please leave a comment and help me out. I have to have clear skin for my wedding pictures, call me vain but ladies I know you know what I mean ;-)

Here’s a link to Biore’ skin care if you want to try it for yourself.

“Deal of the Week” 3 Piece Bundle Set

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Bundle deal

The Bundle Set includes:
1) Silver Hornets Nest Set – Originally $40.00
This beautiful set rounds out any outfit. The impression of flower stems ending in crystal stones gives a floral appeal to an average rope chain. Silver mix metals

2) Silver Stone Clutch – Originally $40.00
Satin material, front folded design. Center stone with interior pocket and chained shoulder strap

3) Black Large Stone Ring – Originally $37.00
This ring has intricate details of a butterfly and ladybug that sits on top of leaves. It also has a large center black stone. Stretch band. One size fits all.

This offer is Valid from Monday until Friday, or while supplies last. Perfect for Prom Season. Take advantage of our 3 Piece Bundle Set “Deal of the Week” today. #ItsReds

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