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Picking the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Shape

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When it comes to picking the best swimsuit for your body type don’t guess let the expert (Sharice Styles) tell you what’s best!!




Swimsuit Style Tips: These are some looks of the proper #Swimsuit to wear for women with “Broad Shoulders” and “Athletic Shapes”
#1. Is perfect because the higher neckline will even out your shoulders and show them off in a great way!
#2. Works well because the cutouts give a more feminine feel and black sides always give you a curvy shape!!
#3. This is perfect for showing off your broad shoulders in a positive and sexy way. It’s also very feminine, fun,and flirty!!



Swimsuit Style Tips: These are the perfect looks for Plus Size women to look their best this Beach season!!
Long gone as the days when Plus Size should only wear black!! Color is the way when done right.
#1. Is not only chic and sexy, the fringes are also the perfect way to hide any midriff problems or muffin tops.
#2. When you’re curvaceous with a flat tummy High waisted is the way to go!! It directs the eye to your top portion and also shows off your shape perfectly.
#3. This is another super chic and feminine suit. The structured and pleated bra top draws the eye to your top portion and the bottom is fun and flirty and hides any problem areas like back fat, or cellulite on the upper thigh.



Swimsuit Style Tips for women with smaller breast.

#1. This suit’s top is structured with pipe lines and underwire which is a perfect way to give form and the allusion of fuller breast.

#2. This ruffle top is gel padded and gives a smaller breast a fuller look as well.

#3. This suits chic, fun, and flirty shirt like bra top hangs low and covers in a way that people won’t know what your working with !!

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How to Bring Organization to Your Closet

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image1 (6)



Are you tired of not knowing what to wear because you haven’t cleaned out your closet in years? Do you still own clothing from college that no longer represents who you are? Organization in your closet is the key to having clarity in your wardrobe life. It will help you see what you have so you’ll know what you need.

I’ve had several clients tell me they need help with organizing their closets. Although I have a service called “Shop Your Closet” where I assist women with finding looks in their existing wardrobes that they didn’t realized they had, this isn’t going to teach you the skills you may need to organize your closet and make it look as beautiful as the Bravo’s Real Housewives closets does LOL.

BUT I’ve creative an E-Book that will. My NEW E-Book “How to Bring Organization to Your Closet” will show you step by step how to have the closet you dream of. The best part of it all is you’ll learn the skills to do it yourself so you’ll be able to maintain the look of your new closet without hiring someone to do it for you every season. People are charging $75-$100 an hour to organize your closet these days. Why not learn to do it yourself at a much lower cost, and take your family out to eat with the rest.

Stay tunes for the launch of the E-BOOK coming this month!!


One Pieces Made Into 3 Different Looks

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One Pieces Made Into 3 Different Looks



The great thing about having a piece you love is you can find so many ways to wear it and if you do it right each time you wear it you can make that piece seem brand new. In the picture above I choose a beautiful peach blouse to be our fav and I topped it off with a pair of nude Valentino Rockstud Caged pumps, a white and beige Tassled bag from My La Cambra, Gold Chanel Vintage Dot earrings, and gold Interlocking bangles from Nordstroms.

My 1st combo with our fav blouse is a pair of floral slacks. This look is perfect for the work place and comfy enough to carry you through your day and into a networking event.

My 2nd combo with of fav is with a pair of white wide legged jeans. The blouse dresses the jean up so much it almost looks like something work place worthy.  I love this look because it’s great for a girls night out, or maybe a date with that special someone. Either way you’ll look amazing and feel so relaxed and chic.

My 3rd combo for the fav piece is a beautiful floral skirt. Being that floral is huge this year you’ll not only be on trend but you’ll also be the talk of the office. Statement pieces like this can really be worn anywhere. A wedding, award ceremony, baby Christening or a night out with friends.

The moral to this story is never wear the same thing twice.You can have a favorite piece that you tun into a new look each and every time you wear it. If your fav is a shirt or blazer switch out the bottom half for a skirt, a pair of slacks or jeans. If your fav is a skirt or a pair of slack then switch it up with different tops and blazers or maybe a jean jacket. You should also switch the accessories when you add in different jewelry, handbags and shoes you really give the look a brand new feel.  You never have to have just one look in mind for a piece, always take chances and find multiple ways to wear something. People will think you have a huge wardrobe selection when in fact you just know how to flip your style. As always I hoped this helped you #LookGoodFeelGreat

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Speaking Engagement on “Self Image”

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I really enjoyed speaking to a group of young people yesterday in the Richmond Area. I had three 30 minute sessions on “The Importance of Self Image”. At the end of the classes I got to see how much they retained in a summary class and it was awesome to see a lot of my tips stuck with them. These young people will be going into the work force soon so it’s important that someone takes the time to teach them what to look like on a job interview and also on a daily basis.


While there I got to do my 1st fitting from my “Blessed to be a Blessing Prom Dress Drive” below you’ll see a picture of one of the young ladies who was blessed with a brand new dress. She told me that she wasn’t going to be able to go to the prom but now that she has a dress she can go. This really warmed my heart because it’s the exact reason I wanted to do a drive like this. We never know who we can help and how much our help can mean to someone else.

If you know of a young lady in the Richmond V.A. area that would like to attend the prom or junior prom but doesn’t have a dress please contact me as soon as possible.



Me prom dress

Style Crush Episode on “Date Night Looks”

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on Apr 21, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Here are some awesome tips on ” Date Night Looks” for single, married and pregnant women!! As always Shayla Courtney and Sharice Styles brings you what you need in #Fashion and #Style. Hope you enjoy. #LookGoodFeelGreat


Zharia’s take on Teen and Pre-Teen Fashion for Spring 2015!!

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I’m blessed to be able to work with an awesome intern named Zharia Baker. She has a bright future in #Fashion and I’m excited to share with you some looks she’s put together for Teens and Pre-Teens for this Spring and Summer!! Whether you’re on your way to school, work or to hang with friends these looks will keep you #Style ready for the occasion. As you can see ost of the looks have a title but there are two that does not. Zharia and I would love for you to leave us a comment and let us know what you would title those two looks. #LookGoodFeelGreat

















Jet Setter Trends from Around the World

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                         Jet Setter Trends for the 2015 Traveler


Are you a 2015 Jet Setter, on your way to an awesome vacation. Like most travelers you’re probably wondering what you should pack. Your image always reflects who you are and what you want to say to the world. I have some awesome trends to share from the four #Fashion capitals of the world to keep you ahead of the fashion game this season. Whether you’re traveling abroad or within one of the 50 states, knowing what’s on trend will help you limit your worry on what to wear while on vacation. If we can’t learn from the best then how will we learn.




Floral is the trend for Milan this season. However you’ll find floral in all of your favorite stores. So pull out all the floral pieces that your wardrobe has to offer and mix it in with your basics. We don’t want to see you in floral from head to toe so be sure to choose the pieces you think will stand out the most. Try adding a floral belt to a basic white tee and jeans, or a floral sandal with your nude dress for dinner. Have fun with it and be bold.






Some of us will be very happy to hear that Paris is celebrating the trend of a Bohemian 70’s feel. So if you haven’t thrown away all of your 70’s gear pull them out for your next vacation, and don’t be surprised if the youth in your family rad your closet to see what they can find. From fringe and Aztec prints to large stoned jewelry and suede’s, it’s all back in style. Have fun paring them with some of the essential pieces in your wardrobe to show you’re a fashion know it all.




The Big Apple is known for its #fashion edge and this season is no exception. Mesh is the New York trend and you can wear it anyway you want. Mesh can be done is such a classy way when you open up your fashion mind to the new ways of wearing it. Try a mesh shoe, handbag or jewelry pieces. You can also try a mesh shirt or dress by layering it a bit with a simply tee. I’ve seen some very tasteful plus size mesh tops this season from Ashley Stewart




The current trend in Paris is Bold Prints . Bright beautiful patterns like stripes and shapes. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone with this trend, just make sure the patterns and colors your choose to mix and flow well with each other. Other than that you can’t go wrong. 



Most of the trends this season can be mixed together so have fun and play with them until you make them your own. Remember the most important rule to fashion is that it fits your personal style. What you wear speaks to the world before you open your mouth so let your clothes tell your story.

~Sharice Styles #LookGoodFeelGreat   


Fabulous NEW Collection at Dressbarn

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Dressbar at Dressbarn



                     ~ FABULOUS NEW LAUNCH ~

Introducing the “Dressbar at Dressbarn” This new launch is every women’s dream. It’s the perfect marriage between high end designers and low end prices. This isn’t your mother’s Dressbarn ladies, these dresses are coming from high fashion designers like: Carmen Marc Valvo, Heidi Weisel and Adrianna Papell.The launch happened this week so they’re already in stores and I LOVE THEM!!! Beautiful pieces, great quality and dream prices. Check them out for yourself.‪#‎LookGoodFeelGreat‬


   Dressbar at Dressbarn

A NEW Series “Style Crush”

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A NEW Series “Style Crush”

A NEW series “STYLE CRUSH” has hit the #fashion world. Designed by experts Sharice Styles and Shayla Courtney. Style Crush is an awesome new outlet to meet  all of your style and fashion needs. We answer questions sent in by our listeners and share great new trends and how to’s in the #fashion world. Let us help you take your wardrobe to the next level so you too can have a STYLE CRUSH.


Inspirational looks from Sharice Styles

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FB cover photo







image2 (4)




image1 (3)

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